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123 You're Free Bail Bonds is located in St. Clair and Oakland County and serves all of Michigan. We are experienced in writing all kinds of bail for all types of offenses. There is no bail that we cannot handle. Don't have them spend any more time in jail and talk with the best bail company in Michigan.


You have completed the first step in making bail by contacting a credible and licensed bondsman. Our experience and expertise make the perfect choice to assist you with your bail. Call us to learn more about how we can help you make bail and get you out of jail fast. We are open 24/7 to bail you or your loved ones out whenever you need it. 


While we can't control the amount of time it takes to be released we can gurantee that of the the necessary steps will be completed in a timely fashion to help you make it home as quickly as possible.


Learn more about 123 You're Free Bail Bonds, by contacting out office and speaking with one of our representatives. Let us put our wealth of experience to work for you and make sure that you make it home as quickly as possible. 123 You're Free Bail Bonds is a family owned company that will treat you like family and be transpartent about the nature of you bail bond thourought your bail process.

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